BEWARE! Here be dragons!

Welcome, Fellow Web Explorer.

You've reached a personal space of H., who's interests go as far as beginning of the Internet and as deep as JMP 0000:7C00.

Result of an attempt to cathegorize these interests can be found on the left side of this page. IT Sec will take you to posts covering IT Securty topics, Linux holds stuff about my favorite OS, Retro stuff is focusing on getting most of the old computers (spoiler: I'm totally crazy about them) and Projects will take you to things I've committed in my free time. Files is a classic download section, some configs, some scripts, and Great Cthulhu only knows what else...

If you're curious why there's no disclaimer about cookies, data processing and GDPR, the answer is simple: I want you to stay healthy so no cookies are served. I also want you to feel comfortable so I'm not monitoring any of your activities, not even counting your presence in here.

Take your time and look around, I hope you'll find something useful.