How I can help you

If you are wondering how I can help you with securing your organization, here is what I can offer to you:

  1. analysis and assessment of your organization's IT security posture and advice on how you can improve it,
  2. advice on choosing the most suitable IT security solutions for your organization,
  3. design of IT/OT security solution architectures with adherence to existing standards,
  4. design of Security Operation Centers (SOC),
  5. implementation of SIEM solutions, such as:
  6. tuning of SIEM solutions, focused on their ability to detect potential security incidents (improving true positive rate),
  7. use case creation and implementation, with adherence to the MITRE ATT&CK guidelines,
  8. comprehensive management of SIEM systems,
  9. adding new log sources, creating extensions allowing proper log parsing (for QRadar, the so-called UDSMs),
  10. implementation of standards from the ISO/IEC 27000 family,
  11. creating and optimizing policies and procedures in your organization,
  12. conducting general and specialized cybersecurity training, for both specific technology, e.g. IBM Security QRadar XDR, and target group, e.g. teams of analysts and administrators.

If the range of services I offer coincides with what you currently need – I invite you to contact me. Please be aware that I will not be able to accept every order – it solely depends on how much projects I currently run. There are only 24 hours in a day, everything I do I try to do as best as I can and still have some time to rest and study.