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About me

Hello there.

My name is Hubert Kromer and for many years now I devote a significant part of my life to IT Security.

In 2009 I accepted an offer from GlaxoSmithKline as a Jr. Logging & Monitoring Analyst, which turned my interests into a professional career. Shortly after I became an IT Security Specialist in a team responsible for managing threats and vulnerabilities.

Couple years later I took a big step and moved to IBM. In June 2013 I became an Advisory IT Security Specialist at IBM SOC in Wroclaw, Poland where I investigated security incidents for IBM customers as well as administered and tuned IBM Security QRadar SIEM.

My career at IBM Security in Poland continued for next two years. In April 2014 I became Security Service Manager. Being responsible for services provided by IBM to customers allowed me to significantly improve my soft skills. Meanwhile I decided to take a side opportunity, University Relations Focal Point. I coordinated cooperation between IBM Security division and universities in Poland. I also provided lectures covering IT Security topics at universities in Poland, including Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Economics and School of Higher Vocational Education in Nysa.

End of 2015 brings another big change. IBM continues to be my employer, which cannot be said about the country of residence and my role in IBM's structure. I move to Munich in Germany and take a job of Senior Security Consultant in the Security Intelligence Consulting team. Now I can finally fully utilise all the knowledge and skills I gained over past years. Learn some new things as well. I'm responsible for designing and implementing security architectures involving IBM solutions, advising customers on organisational and process oriented issues for the company-wide handling of IT security including creating processes and procedures, coordinating and performing forensic investigations, providing L3 security incident analysis, maintaining IBM Security QRadar deployments and many, many more. What's really important, I do all of that at customer's site, working directly with customer.

My interest about IT Security doesn't end when it's time leave the office. Beside continously educating myself in the area I also spend my evenings on some projects. You can read about them here.

Since my blog is dedicated to sharing knowledge, be sure to also check the articles section.