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QRadar Health Metrics Plus

Extended health metrics for IBM Security QRadar.

App writen in Python which checks the status of various elements in QRadar deployment, including service status based on appliance type (different services will be chacked for Console, EP, FP), log source statistics, offense statistics and more. QRadar HeMP feeds the statistics back to QRadar using standard Health Metrics log format. QRadar parses the data which then can be used for custom searches and reports. They can be also feeded to ELK stack and further visualised using Kibana.

QRadar HeMP is fully automated, reads deployment configuration from the 'deployment.xml' file as well as QRadar's PgSQL configuration database and adjusts statistic collection to findings.

The code can be found on GitHub.

QRadar Health Metrics Plus - Kibana Dashboard

Kibana dashboard for QRadar-HeMP.

Includes visualisations and related searches for:

Screenshots: (Default view), (Widget details)

The code can be found on GitHub.